I remember the first camera I had, an old 35mm film from my family. That camera and my curiosity moved me to jump into the image world and discover my true passion that involves storytelling, photography, emotions, and video.
I started working on a small local Tv Station from my town as a video editor in 2006. Then, two years later, I moved to work in documentaries and scientific research, by taking pictures, recording interviews, and coordinating all the processes involved from the capture to the final product. Life kept moving, and I learned about 3d and digital compositing, motion design, retouching, and postproduction.

Since then, I have worked at a University producing educational materials, at the same time as I was working as a freelancer doing both photography and video work. In some cases, I learned new things like how to jump from a tank to another tank while I was taking pictures for the Argentine Army. Following my passion, I have produced, directed, and written different media products for social media, including promotional and video series, tutorials, case studies, and interviews. Having the opportunity to work remotely allows me to know incredible people and craft media for content marketing, corporate communication, and commercial ads.
Get in touch with me, let's work together, and make that project you have in mind come true. I know I can help you.

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